On searching

“God is not man’s servant, that a puny atheist may shout a challenge and He is bound to respond. Neither is God a genie, that if man is lucky enough to find the right combination of words, He will suddenly pop out and reveal Himself. God is our Creator, all powerful and dwelling in light unapproachable. He demands reverence. But He is also willing to be Father to such as come to Him by His ordained road, Jesus Christ, and as Father He tenderly stoops to the immaturity of the babe in Christ. This is the only explanation I have to offer for the following facts. God answered prayers which were unworthy even to have been brought before His presence. If I prayed those prayers today, He would not answer them. He responded then, ignoring the selfish vanity of the request, simply because of the honest seeking at the base. He knew I meant it when I said I would give Him my whole life. The Father seeketh such to worship Him – in spirit and in truth [John 4:24]” – Isobel Kuhn, from By Searching

Doubting God is a common problem among us earth-bound people. We, like the Pharisees in Matthew 16, seek some kind of proof that the God who made us and exists transcendentally above time ans space is real. We trust our own reason above God’s Words. Thank God that he “knows our frame, he remembers that we are dust” (Psalm 103:10-17). God wants worshipers, he doesn’t necessarily want “good people”. So when we pray, like Isobel Kuhn did, selfishly asking God to reveal Himself to us puny humans, He will. He says that when we seek him with all of our heart, we will find Him (Jeremiah 29:13). Weary searcher, seek God in His Word. He isn’t hiding from you, I promise. He is still seeking people to be reconciled to Him and enjoy restored relationship with Him.


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