Today I took the David Jones’ advice ( and recorded myself practicing. The result was both helpful and encouraging. I was encouraged after a couple exercises that sounded yucky to me (I tend to listen inside myself too much) to hear free tone. And, it was extremely helpful to hear some tension that I’ve become so used to feeling I’d forgotten it. I was working on an arrangement of “Be Thou My Vision” I’m doing for church next Sunday. The arrangement is by a friend of mine from school, and it’s way too low for me, so I end up singing most of it in chest voice, which I hadn’t noticed before I recorded it. Thus, my challenge today was to mix a little head voice into even the lowest notes, and I felt I was singing it very freely. Towards the end of my practice time I tackled my new Mozart aria, “Welche Wonne”. I was adding text today, and I found I needed to slow down considerably to get ever German consonant in the right place! I was encouraged to listen to it when I finished because while the slower pace felt a little chuggy, it didn’t really sound chuggy. And, as I got the hang of the text, the melody flowed much better. The joyful theme of “Welche Wonne” lent itself very well to the light heady feeling I was going for today. Recording my session helped make my time much more productive today, and I plan to continue recording myself in the future. Thanks Dr. Jones!


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